C E R T i i F

A   b l o c k c h a i n  b a s e d  c e r t i f i c a ti o n  m a n a g e m e n t  s y s t e m 

Instant verification

TiiQu has released the open source verifier called VERiiF. This technology enables matching a certificate or a credential directly with its proof published to the blockchain. The verification doesn't rely on any third party, it's available free of charge 24/7, doesn't require any further validation on part of issuers and always happens in real-time.

Secured Data

Key elements of certificates are cryptogrphically secured and made immutable using blockchain technology. Licensed software easy to be integrated with certification entity's system. Data never leave issuer's server. Certification entity is in full control of the entire process and can suspend or revoke certificates and credentials in real-time.

Immutable proofs

A 5 clicks process to issue, suspend or revoke certificates and credentials. As their proofs are simultaneously published to the blockchain, the information cannot be forged and becomes immutable and instantly verifiable.

Designed for 


Certification Bodies | Issue Certificates

 Awarding Bodies | Issue Awards

Universities | Issue Degrees 

Organisations | Issue micro-credentials

e-Learning Organisations | Issue attestations & Certificates



Secure on the blockchain the anonymized proof of issued credentials. Exponentially reduce costs of storage, validation, issuance and risks derived from data breaches.

Learning providers

Empower learners with shareable credentials, build stackable certificates, track the impact of each course, enable and monitor partners to issue qualifications, manage networks of authorized partners

Accrediting entities

Monitor issuance of certificates in compliance to issued standards, revoke certification authorities, monitor in real-time validity veracity and integrity of certificates.