Events Agenda

29th August 2018 - London

TiiQu presenting the digital professional passport for 21st century liquid workforce
#TECHITALIA - @entrepreneur First - London

6th September 2018 - London

TiiQu at the #TrustlessEcosystems debate
" Biggest Usability issues for Blockchain-based platforms"

20th June 2018 - London

TiiQu Alpha presented to the Ethereum Community : #ETHLDN Meetup - Imperial College, London

26th July 2018 - London

TiiQu: GDPR Compliance and Ethics of the Platform : #TrustlessEcosystems Meetup - Imperial College, London

18th April 2018 - London

First TiiQu Demo presentation to the HR & HT Tech community  London

Do you really know the truth about who you are hiring?

by Jeff Sheehan - Technology Futurist, HR infuencer

Blockchain in HR: Challenges and Applications

by Neelie Verlinden - Editor-in-Chief of Digital HR Tech

Open Questions about GDPR compliance

by Xenia Bogolomec - TiiQu Algorithm Architect

Developing our own Code of Ethics - Why?

by Laura Degiovanni - Founder/CEO TiiQu

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