TiiQu aims to become the premier framework for the future’s meritocratic labor market.


We help professionals work together on a global scale.

  • TiiQu provides a transparent, secure infrastructure where individuals and organizations can search, filter, select partners, and agree on the terms of their collaboration at a fraction of today’s costs and time.
  • Based on verified claims, the trust quotient (TQ) gives a reliable standard for assessing and rewarding professional trustworthiness. It reduces arbitrariness and creates a level playing field for applicants, neutral to biases of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, class, and political orientation.

We’re building an online ecosystem co-determined by its users which benefits them in strict proportion to how they contribute to its progress.

We’re empowering an individual’s freedom to choose work that fits their interests and values, and so can provide reliable predictions regarding the global future of work.


We use blockchain technology because it allows immutable records, transparency, anonymity of users, guaranteed user controlled access to data, shared authority, and relevant reduction of costs.

We employ machine learning / artificial intelligence technology because it enables people to scout uncharted territories and to create unprecedented professional constellations.


That everyone is entitled to meaningful work and professional growth opportunities.

That independence and transparency stimulate responsible professional behavior.

That improving an individual’s professional autonomy also benefits societies, through increased levels of trust and efficiency.


We will constantly improve the reliability and accuracy of the TQ; and we shall, hand in hand with our users and their votes, gear the platform to their interests.

We will never sell data. We will limit our on-site data collection and analysis to the sole purpose of empowering people’s professional evolution and upskilling.

We will ensure that both our staff and partners strictly adhere to our ethical guidelines and we will ban any contrary behavior from the platform.

Co-design a Meritocratic Future of Work

Quantified Trustworthiness