A Decentralised Professional Passport

TiiQu is a platform that uses blockchain technology to create an immutable digital “passport” as verified proof of an individual’s professional trustworthiness.

This passport tracks identity, qualifications, certifications, memberships, previous work experience, performance metrics and education.

The Future of Work

The fundamental purpose of TiiQu is to allow organizations and individuals to easily and quickly trust each other. Our mission is to remove the guesswork from an individual’s claims about themselves by conveniently and continuously providing proof that someone is

  1. who they say they are,
  2. and has the experience, skill set and core attributes needed for the role in question.

The platform provides a transparent infrastructure and easy to author “smart contracts” so that members can agree to work together based on these verified qualifications at a fraction of the cost.

The TQ

TiiQu replaces the former subjective assessment of job candidates on the part of HR managers and recruiters with the TQ or Trust Quotient. An individual’s TQ consists of all digitally verified claims about the identity, education, memberships and previous work performances collected. It’s presented by a number, similar to a credit score.

The TQ mitigates the subjectivity of reputational elements with objective data and since each claim is certified by third parties using blockchain, the TQ is a tamper-proof, objective evaluation of an individual’s trustworthiness and suitability. It creates a level playing field for applicants, neutral to all biases of gender, ethnicity, religion, and class.   

User privacy and anonymity is paramount

No personal data is ever published to the blockchain. Any data that is published to the blockchain is the result of Merkle trees or “zero-knowledge proofs” which cannot be linked to a specific individual.

For more information, read our Manifesto and our Code of Ethics.

Use Cases


Individuals build their TQ (trust score) derived from verified proof of their professional and academic background.


Skilled individuals increase their employability by publishing their TQ on their professional profiles.


Experts grow their professional credibility by sharing their digital passport with prospects.


Skilled individuals benefit from secure payments for their online consulting.


Institutions reduce costs and processes traditionally related to certification and verification by adopting the TiiQu certifier and verifier system.


HR and recruiters significantly reduce costs associated with a search, filter, hire and pay on-demand workforce.


Organization members of the TiiQu ecosystem directly verify a candidate’s academic and professional background.


Global corporations credit their workforce and share confidential information within their ecosystems respecting anonymity.

Before TiiQu

  • +15% - 20% Recruiting fees
  • 46/60 Day recruiting processes
  • Verification costs
  • Freelancers: up to 50% of time spent in self promotion
  • Freelancers exposed to payment insecurity
  • 100 Days / year verification processes for universities
  • Time-consuming certification processes

With TiiQu

  • Zero recruiting fees
  • Recruiting process reduced to a few clicks
  • Meritocratic exposure to global prospects
  • Security to be paid for independent workers
  • Crowdsource dispute resolution
  • Access a student's background with a click
  • Automated secure certification system

The Ecosystem Advantage

Consulting networks and freelancer platforms who adopt the TQ benefit from a recurring revenue stream derived from their members’ activity on the TiiQu platform.

Institutions, teaching organizations, professional bodies, and members of the TiiQu Alliance benefit from the blockchain-based automated system of verification of an individual’s background. Degrees and memberships cannot be faked.

Partners of the TiiQu ecosystem provide relevant services and the benefit of secure tokenized payments.

Contribution is Rewarded

The fundamental value of the TiiQu ecosystem stems from the ongoing activity of its members, who are rewarded for their contribution with the platform’s native token called Q, in addition to any payments they may receive from other members.

Third parties certifying claims are immediately rewarded.

Users allowing TiiQu’s decentralized AI computation to be run on their machines benefit from a recurrent revenue stream.

Users increasing their TQ contribute to the trustworthiness of the platform, TiiQu issues Q to the top contributors.

Members voting implementations and other community related decision are regularly rewarded.

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