A Trust Quotient Enabling Instant Confidence

The TiiQu score measures from 0 to 1000 how much you can trust an individual’s claims. It is algorithmically derived from verified facts  about identity, education, previous work, performances, memberships and certifications. 

By using the immutability and transparency of blockchain, individuals stay in control of their data and it is impossible  to fake  elements composing their score. By adopting multiple sources of truth, the TiiQu score facilitates objective decision-making and enhances  meritocratic access to opportunities for everyone.



Our Purpose

Remove guesswork and assumptions from an individual's claims.
Enable instantaneous trust based on facts and not opinions.
Facilitate meritocratic access to global opportunities for everyone.

Our Technologies

  • Tamper-proof certificates
  • Licensed highly secure system
  • Certificates  Instantly verifiable online
  • Both PDF and digital documents
  • No Data transfer
  • Candidates credentials verified in seconds
  • Multiple sources of truth about ID, education, previous work, performances 
  • Owners stay in control of Data
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  • Tracking skills improvement
  • Measuring niche skills 
  • Discovering potential 

Quantified Professional Trustworthiness

The Trust Quotient or “TiiQu Score” is a value expressing  in the universal language of numbers, how much an individual ‘s claims can be trusted. It is  derived from facts verified  with third parties answering to questions:

  • Who this person is
  • What this person knows 
  • What this person does
  • How good is this person, in doing what claims to do
By adopting blockchain technology  to track verification and certification of claims,  the TiiQu score relies on trustworthy and immutably certified elements, facilitates screening on meritocratic basis and growth of professional reputation.

Privacy and transparency as founding values

TiiQu is committed not to publish any sensible Data on blockchain.  

The information published is the result of  Merkle trees or  “Zero Knowledge proof”  that cannot be back-linked to the a specific individual. 

Building a Trustless Ecosystem for Work

Join us in London next 15th, April to learn about the TiiQu way to a meritocratic labor market