A Decentralised Professional Passport

TiiQu is a platform that uses blockchain technology to create an immutable digital “passport” as verified proof of an individual’s professional trustworthiness.

This passport tracks identity, qualifications, certifications, memberships, previous work experience, performance metrics and education. 

Our Purpose

Remove guesswork and assumptions from an individual's claims
Enable instantaneous trust based on verified facts
Facilitate global collaboration and meritocracy at work

Our Technologies


Give global reach to your immutable, tamper-proof certificates


Access more opportunities  sharing the indisputable  proof of your eligibility



Recruiter, HR, Decision Maker

Verify credentials in seconds, take decisions  based on facts and not on opinions


Increase your professional credibility by sharing your Trust Quotient and stay in control of your Data



Empower your workforce with portable proofs of their skills


Immutably register your progress and share it with who you want




A score to quantify trustworthiness

The Trust Quotient or “TQ”,  is a score representing an individual’s professional trustworthiness based on proofs  and facts verified with third parties, it answers to the question ” How much can I trust this set of claims?” It is about eligibility not about judgment.  By establishing multiple sources of truth about

  • – Who the person is
  • – What does s/he know
  • – What does s/he do 
  • – How good is s/he in doing what claims to do 

the TQ score is able to robustly quantify the base components of trust  and facilitate instantaneous confidence between people and companies who don’t know each others, replacing decision-making based on opinions, referrals, assumptions and prejudices.

User privacy and transparency is paramount

No personal data is ever published to the blockchain. Any data that is published to the blockchain is the result of Merkle trees or “zero-knowledge proofs” which cannot be linked to a specific individual.


Use Cases


Recruiters and organisations significantly reduce costs associated with verification of candidates' credentials and skills.


Freelancing platforms, job boards and matching systems increase employability of their users by adding the TQ avatar to their users profiles.


Institutions and certification entities decrease processes traditionally related to issuance of certificates and make them tamper-proof.


Individuals easily share their TQ as indisputable proof of their professional achievements, track their skills growth, stay in control of their own Data.

Trustlessness in the blockchain space, is defined the state where trust is not needed or a system that requires no trust when used. Involved parties in a trustless ecosystem do not need trust because the system itself guarantees zero deviation from certainty from the desired outcome.

#Trustless Ecosystems Meetups are the TiiQu initiative to foster trustlessness as the NORM of 2nd generation platforms