A Trust Quotient Enabling Instant Confidence

The TiiQu score measures how much you can trust an individual’s claims. This score is algorithmically derived from verified facts about identity, education, previous work, performances, memberships, and certifications. 

TiiQu uses immutability and transparency of the Ethereum blockchain to enable individuals to stay in control of their data and continuously feed their trust quotient. By verifying and weighting multiple sources of truth, the TiiQu score can robustly represent trustworthiness and facilitate objective decision-making in hiring and business.

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Our Purpose

Remove guesswork and assumptions from individuals claims.
Enable instantaneous trust based on facts and not opinions.
Facilitate access to meaningful opportunities, to any accountable individual

Our Technologies


Tamper-proof certificates - Licensed highly secure system - Instant open source verification - Both PDF and digital documents - No Data transfer


Candidates credentials verified in seconds - Multiple sources of truth about ID, education, previous work, performances - Owners stay in control of Data


Tracking skills improvement - Measuring niche skills - Discovering potential

21st century work
professional reputation managed as an asset

At the center of our vision are individuals and their right to stay in control of their Data, improve, change and access opportunities based on merit.
  • Identity
  • Education
  • Previous Work
  • Memberships
  • Certifications
  • Skills
  • Performances
Professional Trustworthiness

Transparency Privacy Meritocracy

TiiQu is committed not to publish any sensible Data to the blockchain. Individuals continuously feed their trust quotient by collecting proofs of their claims. They use their TiiQu score as the avatar of their professional achievements. The information derived from verified facts sent to the blockchain and made immutable is the result of Merkle trees or "Zero Knowledge proof" that cannot be back-linked to the information of a specific individual.