A score measuring professional trustworthiness


TiiQu Score

In hiring or in business, how often do you ask yourself " Can I trust that what this person claims is true"?
The TiiQu score measures how much you can trust an individual's claims.

Certified proofs

Too often decision-making is based on a set of information derived from individuals' opinions assembled in a subjective way. We convert facts into proofs that cannot be modified with the aim to shift from subjective to objective decision-making.

Professional passport

Is a collection of proofs of veracity and validity of one's claims about identity, work, performances, education or other elements making him or her eligible to services and opportunities.


We enable individuals to stay in control of their digital professional passport collecting immutable blockchain-based proofs of qualification and eligibility. 

The TiiQu score derived from proofs collected n the passport,  robustly represent trustworthiness, dynamically and continuously balancing multiple sources of truth that contribute to validation of claims.

TiiQu is a solid trust mechanism empowering modern ecosystems.

Future- proof HR practices
Professional passport for contractors
Instant credentialing for chartered members
The trust quotient of platforms' users

TiiQu is committed not to publish any sensitive Data to the blockchain. The information derived from verified facts sent to the blockchain and made immutable is the result of Merkle trees or "Zero Knowledge proof" that cannot be back-linked to the information of a specific individual.

Trustlessness is the fundamental purpose of TiiQu. In the blockchain space, the term is referred to a context where trust between parties is not necessary because the system itself guarantees the desired outcome of a certain action.