The added Identity enabling instant trust 

as an individual you are much more than a name and a surname, you are your entire story and the difference you can make 

Certified Proofs

In a world where identity thefts, fake certificates and untrustworthy referrals are more and more frequent, credentials verification is becoming a time-consuming, stressful and costly process.
Blockchain-based credentials are proofs of any attestation, certification or documentation Once published, they cannot be tampered with and will be instantly verifiable by anyone,
free of charge,

in a Digital Passport

Regardless if you are applying for a job, you are physician in a new country, a founder seeking funding, a citizen interacting with public services, a student who applies to a university or a business owner dealing with a new customer, you find yourself to proof again and again, who you are, what you have done, what you can deliver, and possibly how you have delivered in the past.
All of which, results in endless researches and continuous assessments. TiiQu passport is a digital collection of blockchain- based credentials, that can be verified by a click against their proof published to the blockchain.

To Quantify Trust

as a decision- maker, how often did you ask yourself "can I trust this person?". How often you had to take a decision based on a couple of certificates a few references from people you didn't know? As a person who is required to proof the eligibility to an opportunity, how often did you feel that the decision was based on gut feeling? The TiiQu score is algorithmically calculated from multiple blockchain-based credentials validating identity, work, education and others. it strongly represents how much a set of claim is trustworthy making verification redundant



We enable global citizens to stay in control of their data and share irrefutable proofs of  their credentials with whom they want 

We empower the new global worker with a portable  added identity derived by proofs of formal and informal learning, work, performances, memberships 

We make verification redundant establishing a fair and objective standard for trust.




TiiQu is committed not to publish any sensitive Data to the blockchain. 
The information derived from verified facts sent to the blockchain and made immutable is the result of Merkle trees or “Zero Knowledge proof” that cannot be back-linked to the information of a specific individual.

Trustless Ecosystems

In the blockchain space, the term is referred to a context where trust between parties is not necessary because the system itself guarantees the desired outcome of a certain action.
Fundamental purpose of TiiQu is enabling instant trust by removing guesswork and assumptions from an individual’s claims and empower 
trustless ecosystems for business 

To spread the concept of trustlessness, TiiQu  supports the Trustless Ecosystems 2030 events

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